Running Into the Sun is a literary fiction novel with three interdependent stories about best friends who stick together while making bad decisions, falling down rabbit holes, and using extremely poor judgment.

Ellison is mid-thirties, smart and fiery, career-focused and opinionated.  She loves to date but has deep a rooted aversion to love and commitment that tends to draw her into increasingly deviant situations. 

Ellison met her best friend, Bergen, when they were sorority sisters in college.  Bergen always dreamed of being married and having a family, and on the surface it looks like she is a raging success.  But beneath the perfect mother and model social citizen, her marriage and life are crumbling.

They meet Trent, a handsome and charismatic 25-year-old recovering heroin addict, and the third storyline of his torrid affair with drugs confronts them.  They must recognize the parallels of their own, less epitomized addictions or else lose everything they ever thought was important.

At just under 100,000 words, Running into the Sun is stylized with interwoven stories like Elizabeth Strout’s Anything is Possible, has the optional layer of philosophical depth that underlies Haven Kimmel’s Solace of Leaving Early, and builds eternal friendships like Donna Tartt forged in The Secret History.  It is set in Atlanta, Georgia.